Local Life Insurance Brokers in Greater Vancouver Area

The Most Experienced and Professional Life Insurance Brokers in Vancouver, BC

At Life Guard Insurance we pride ourselves on providing our online visitors in the Greater Vancouver area the best resource for life and health insurance information. Knowledge if the key to empowering people across Vancouver and the Fraser Valley to help them make better financial decisions, and encourage team work with their life insurance brokers.

Our Vancouver website (a part of the Life Guard insurance Network) allows you access to the best articles, online tools and videos to help you become educated about how life and health insurance protect your family and is a part of your financial plans. Explore our online tools, such as the Instant Life Insurance Quote; life, critical illness and disability Needs Analysis Tools and our extensive video content. Our tools are designed to help you learn about life and health insurance planning and make the right choices for your family. When, and only when you’re ready, you can contact us for personalized service for your insurance needs via the website, or just phone.

We Respect Our Guests’ Privacy!

Life Guard Insurance websites never ask you for personal information (name, phone number or email address) just to access our online tools or content. This website is designed to help you learn about risk management, both personally and for a business, and implement insurance solutions to protect your family, your income and your business. If you would like to connect with our team of life insurance brokers in the Greater Vancouver area, you can contact us directly – when you are ready to proceed. We promise not to contact you without your permission.

Life Guard Insurance and PPI Solutions are partnered to serve clients across Vancouver

PPI Solutions (BC) serves life insurance brokers across the Greater Vancouver area and is one of the city’s largest MGAs (Managing General Agency). PPI Solutions provides industry leading administrative, technical and educational support to life insurance brokers in Vancouver and across the Fraser Valley. Life Guard Insurance is partnered with PPI Solutions (BC) to help our online guests access to the very best customer, advice and expertise service when shopping for a life insurance broker in Vancouver.

PPI Solutions office in Vancouver supports the sales activities of hundreds of life insurance brokers and financial advisors. They have been serving Insurance Brokers and Financial Planners in Vancouver since 1990 (originally Pinnacle Brokerage) and have earned the reputation as one of Vancouver’s pre-eminent MGAs. PPI Solutions’ Vancouver office is a member of a national network, but has never forgotten its local heritage and how they got there – as a personal and helpful brokerage office serving local Vancouver advisors for over 20 years.

Finding the best life insurance brokers in Lethbridge

The PPI Solutions’ brokerage managers (Sean Carey) have strong and trusted relationships with life insurance brokers in Vancouver. They select only the best local life and health insurance brokers to be partnered with the Life Guard Insurance advisory network. Rest assured when contacting Life Guard Insurance that you will be connected to a knowledgeable and experienced life insurance broker in Vancouver to help you with your life and health insurance needs. Our life insurance brokers have excellent track records building strong client relationships and finding valuable solutions for their clients, both now and in the future.

Estate, Trust and Legal Services

When it comes to getting your affairs in order, you need proper legal advice. Through Life Guard Insurance we can provide referrals to some of the best law firms in Vancouver for designing a Will, Enduring Power of Attorney, Personal Health Directive, building Living Trusts or Testamentary Trusts, etc. so that your financial affairs are in order. Making sure your wishes and legal affairs are secure is a key component of managing your estate.

Tax and Business Accounting Services

Getting good accounting advice for business owners or those with complex investments, like foreign property, is very important. Life Guard Insurance brokers in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley have long-term relationships with accounting firms that specialize in complex business and personal tax planning. They can help you get advice to restructure your assets or your business and possibly save you thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Finding the Right Insurance Specialist for You

Life Guard Insurance and PPI Solutions combined can access a vast amount of knowledge and experience regarding life and health insurance and investment planning. When faced with a more complex situation, we can call on technical experts within PPI Solutions or the advanced case specialists provided by our Canadian insurance companies to build your unique plan. We consult with industry experts on large, complex risk management cases. Our Vancouver team of life insurance brokers have expertise in health insurance, like Critical Illness Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance and Disability Insurance. Some brokers specialize in Estate Planning Strategies for older or wealthier clients. Whatever your situation, at Life Guard Insurance we will refer you to local life insurance brokers who will understand your needs and can recommend the best plan for you.