Life Guard Insurance: Your Best Advice for Life Insurance Vancouver

Life Guard Insurance is dedicated to being your must trusted source for information when shopping for life insurance Vancouver. We are partnered with the best independent life insurance brokers in Vancouver, BC. Our team of life insurance brokers in Greater Vancouver can shop the Canadian insurance marketplace on your behalf for the products that best suit your needs, like life insurance, term insurance, disability insurance, critical illness insurance, and much more. Life Guard Insurance will match you with a local Vancouver life insurance broker who can build an insurance plan that finds the optimum balance of low cost premiums, temporary or permanent coverage, investment cash values (if you need them) and insurance for health risks to protect your family, your income and your lifestyle. Our trusted team of life insurance brokers will analyze your unique family and/or business insurance needs and recommend the best insurance to suit you.

Our website is your best source for information and tools when shopping for life insurance in Vancouver. Life Guard Insurance is committed to always providing you with timely and useful information on life and health insurance product(s) online. Dig through our website and learn about insurance products that would best suit your needs. Get your Instant Life Insurance Quote now, or complete an Insurance Needs Analysis to make sure you have enough life insurance coverage. Learn more about Life Guard Insurance’s philosophy towards risk management for people like yourself in Vancouver and up the Fraser Valley. Your right insurance advice, right now – Life Guard Insurance is Life Insurance Vancouver, Your First Choice for Life Insurance Vancouver.

The 4 Types of Vancouver Life Insurance

Life Insurance VancouverPeople in Vancouver has a choice between 4 main types of life insurance. You should know the difference between these 4 types and why you might choose one over the other. The types of life insurance in Vancouver include: Term Life, Term 100, Universal Life and Whole Life Insurance. Each type will fit a different risk need and/or a long-term financial planning style. This article will give you a brief overview of all 4 types of life insurance.

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Buy Personal Life Insurance to Insure Your Mortgage in Vancouver

Life Insurance VancouverPeople in Vancouver carrying large mortgages want to make sure their family is protected should they die and not be able to pay off the mortgage. The banks in Vancouver are offering mortgage protection life insurance to their mortgage clients. Find out why the bank’s mortgage insurance policy is such a bad product, and how you can easily remedy the error of having such an inferior life insurance plan by purchasing personal life insurance and even save some money.

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A Professional Life Insurance Needs Analysis in Vancouver

Our life insurance brokers can help you determine the right amount of life insurance you should buy in Vancouver. Through our accurate and advanced analysis process of quantifying immediate cash needs and replacing long-term income to the family, we can make sure you have enough life insurance in place to protect your family’s lifestyle even if you’re gone. Meet with one of our life insurance brokers today for a complimentary life insurance needs analysis.

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